Vohallo Vibe

Each watch purchased gives back to communities

About Us

We are a New York based multi-cultural team of passionately creative individuals. We are all about creating avant-garde, innovative, highly sought-after products that are about you and for you.

When creating products, we draw on our extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of some of the most unique, innovative and avant-garde products which continuously delight global consumers. We are excited to bring our passion, precision, and experience to every item we create for you.


“Voice” and “Hello are the core of our name. Our philosophy “every voice is important and sacred”. In today’s fast-paced world of social media we can instantly broadcast our thoughts, hopes, dreams, and wishes. However, all too often our voices are competing, and fleeting. At Vohallo we welcome you to “Voice Your Choice”. We are committed to hearing you.For each watch purchased we will donate a portion of your sale to the charity you chose. Help us reach 1 million watches and see how your GIFT OF CHOICE CREATES CHANGE.


To “Mark the moment” by provide engaging, meaningful, well-designed quality products that speak to and for our valued clients.


A symbol of strength and independence where you may see a flexing arm or the sign of victory. The colorful stars light the way.


Our designers are focused on well designed, curated product lines, that speak to your individual taste. The Vohallo collection changes with the seasons; reason for commemorating milestones, and unique events.

SPECIAL EDITION | Collector Items

We specialize in limited editions. Our limited edition 2020 electoral watch is the first collectible of this decade. Choose your American Vibe from Independent, Republican or Democrat designs, offering color options to suit every vibe. Available through November 3, 2020, only.


Are you seeking to engage your supporters and valued clients? If so Vohallo provides cost-effective high quality, meaningful gifts to promote your message. Our talented team will work with you to design products that are unique and project your vision. Contact us for your special event products.


Our team has actively been giving back to communities for over three decades. Our 2020 “Give Back Pledge” provides you the opportunity to select which charitable opportunity you wish to support. 2020 offers the choice of Children’s Hospital Programs, Veterans Programs, and First Responders. You Choose! We donate! *

(*) Terms and Conditions include Vohallo will donate an aggregate of US$1million. Each group will receive the pro-rata funds as elected by purchasers and the aggregate donation to all groups featured in 2020 shall not exceed US$1 million.