March is Women’s History Month.  While some 75 countries have had women serving as their head of state, Vohallo shares two women in American history who changed the future of America.

On December 1, 1955 the simple act of taking a seat at the front of the bus led to change in America.  Rosa Parks not only made history in Montgomery Alabama, but in America.  Rose because known worldwide for this simple action which generated significant change.

In 1953, Katherine Gobel Johnson joined the National Advisory Committee of Aeronautics.  She was hired and categorized as sub-proessional, a lesser desgination than a janitor. Kartherine challenged the norms changing the trajectory of more than the careers of women, she enabled one of Americans greatest conquests, putting man in space.  John Glen flew his mission only after Katherine checked the numbers.   Katherine noted as a human computer, and is best known for and as a “hidden figure”. 

In celebration of Women in History, Vohallo celebrates womens contributions and achievements with the 2020 American Electoral watch.  While no American woman will be elected as President in 2020, you have the power like Katherine and Rosa to Voice Your Choice, and make a choice creating the future of America. Don’t remain a hidden figure Voice your Choice for the future of women, simply participate in the process this  election cycle.

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Our limited edition electoral watch features a tried and true American backdrop, the Stars and Stripes, which have been artfully embossed on the dial and highlighted by the political emblem of your choice.  Let this elegant design accompany you on your 2020 journey.  Show the women in your life what you stand for.

Choose from Vohallo’s democratic blue donkey, the republican red elephant, or sport the Independent option with the donkey and the elephant pursuing one another in real-time. Once you have decided on your emblem, choose from a gold or silver watch casing, complete with a white or black dial.  Vohallo has an option that suits everyone and every lifestyle.  

Vohallo supports communities!  Each year Vohallo with the input of its customers chooses 4 charities to contribute to.  This year you may choose from St. Jude’s, Freedom Service Dogs, Youth Voice and The Committee to Protect Journalists.  At check out voice your choice again by selecting the cause you wish us to contribute to on your behalf. 

Our goal is to raise 1 Million dollars, help us reach that goal, get your watch today, and show your colors.  

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